This is just a small sample of the comments that we have received from our customers after they used our Rhino Stump Grinding Wheel.
"Your Rhino ( Rock Tech ) wheel is Off the Charts. Stump grinder manufacturers should just buy your wheel and they would have the best."
Jon W. – WA ---- Carlton 4012 owner
"This Rhino wheel made a Tiger out of a House Cat. Our Vermeer SC30 cuts twice as fast as Yellow Jackets and teeth changing time is quick and easy."
Chris S. – Manitoba, Canada
"My Rayco 1625 does not bog down with the Rhino when I am deep in the ground as compared to the Green Teeth I have been using. "
Dennis H. – LA
"I ground a 60 inch Oak - 3 feet off the ground in 20 minutes with my RG85"
Jerry – California
"I took 40 minutes with my Rayco 1645 to grind a 6 foot Oak stump with the Rhino wheel that use to take me 65 minutes to do with the Super teeth. That’s 60% faster"
Mike H. – OH
"I switched from the Yellow Jackets to the Rhino on our Vermeer 60TX and glad we did."
Vic D. --- WA
"My grinder is a Pro-Mark, small unit that we put a 22 hp engine then the Alpine Rhino wheel & changed it from "just a stump grinder" to a beast! I have plunge cut with it and it is amazing!"
Steve A. – OK
"I was contemplating selling my new Toro STX26 because the cutting speed was slow at best. I decided to try the Rhino wheel because of the money back policy. Not only did the Rhino cut a lot faster than the factory Green Teeth design but it made a such a difference that I’ve decided to keep my Toro."
Peter F. – Canada
"This mother cuts like you can't believe and is smooth cutting unlike our previous wheel."
Cody N. -- UT
"WOW , not only does the Rock Tech Rhino wheel cut fast on my Vermeer 352 but I hit a 1 ¼” surveyors stake that had 30 marks in it before I could stop the machine. There was virtually no damage except a small nick in one tooth, unbelievable!"
Glen C. – Canada
"This wheel is as advertised, it is smooth and fast cutting."
Glen M. – NJ
"I ground a 60 inch Oak - 3 feet off the ground in 20 minutes with my RG85"
Jerry – California
"The Rhino (Rock Tech) wheel for my Vermeer 252 was awsome. Cut smooth and held up great in the most rocky job I've done in 18 years. I did a 92" Fir stump with huge feeder roots in 1 hour with rocks under every root. No doubt I went 50% faster than Green teeth with only a small amount of teeth damage."
Jeff T. -- WA