Changing Teeth on a Rhino Stump Grinding Wheel

Demo 1  - Vermeer 60TX wheel replaced with Rhino wheel

Demo 2 - Vermeer SC852 with an Alpine Rhino coarse cut wheel

Demo 3 - Vermeer 252-292 with Yellow jacket wheel vs Rhino wheel

Demo 4 - Alpine Rhino wheel on a Predator 26/28

Demo 5 - Rhino wheel on a Vermeer 60TX

Demo 6 - Vermeer 50TX with Rhino Wheel

Demo 7 - Vermeer 50TX using Rhino Wheel

Demo 8 - Fine cut Rhino wheel on Vermeer 60TX

Demo 9 - Bandit 2250 using our Rhino Wheel

Demo 10 - Vermeer 252-292 Yellow jacket wheel vs Rhino wheel

Demo 11 - Vermeer SC50 TX using the Rhino 10 tooth fine cut wheel

Rhino Wheel on a Vermeer 60TX grinding in very rocky ground.
After this customer had ground 15 stumps averaging 20" in diameter in soil that was full of 2" minus rock at a different location, he ground 6 stumps at this location that was 36"-60" diameter. All of the stumps had rocks up to 6" in diameter all around the root system. After the job was done, he only did $30 worth of teeth damage.

This video is showing the lack of damage after all the torment the teeth
had gone through.

"We’ve cut all week on our Vermeer 252 and have not even rotated the teeth yet."
Gordy – California